Aerogel Hits the Consumer Geek Market.

29 02 2008

It was three years ago when I first got to play with Aerogel, that wonderful, solid cloud of ‘something’ confirming everyone’s thoughts that NASA (amongst other American government organisations) have some seriously cool shit up their sleeves.

Back then my tutor had managed to acquire under 3 cubic centimetres of the stuff for ‘educational purposes’.  He was protective, it stayed in the jar never left his sight.  It was boring.


Thanks to our society’s ever increasing [terminal] desire to buy unnecessary things for the sole purpose of being able to say you own something, Aerogel is now available to buy.

It will cost you no less than $45 per ‘fragment’, geeks across the globe can get their hands on what is effectively nothing more than spongy glass.   Whilst Aerogel may have revolutionised mankind’s ability document  intergalactic specs of  dust, I am not convinced anyone is buying it for anything with a terrestrial purpose in mind.

Admittedly, a drunk or stoned friend trying to comprehend Aerogel for the first time will retain its humour until you run out of friends but no one has that many friendsnobody buying Aerogel has that many friends.  So, first one to come up with a useful [patent-free] domestic use for Aerogel wins (probably millions and millions…)




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