About Touchy Touchy

Touchy Touchyis yet another blog.  There are millions of blogs about even more things.  It gets tiresome.  Touchy Touchyis slightly different, however.   With all the design blogs in all the world wide web, none (to my knowledge) focus only on material.  This is a blog for exactly that, to celebrate all that we see, and use and touch everyday in its rawest form.  This isnt about the sexiest bookshelf, or the quirkiest building, its about the things that constitute a bookshelf or building, toothbrush or car.  Touchy Touchyis interested in what happens before semiotics kicks in, tarnishing an innocent material with signifier and connotations.

In my dream world, this blog will become a hub of information and debate about the things we take for granted every waking moment.  But for that to happen, I need to somehow be found by anyone that gives a crap – that is why I dont like the internet very much.

If you are reading this, and you have found what has been written interesting, whether you agree or not, write back – please!


One response

24 11 2008

Hah… I have a “thing” for fun materials, always have really. I was just googling Libyan desert glass and trinitite, and was reading about aerogel last week. I want some of all three. 😛

Agreed with what you’re saying about crystal, also… the tendency to use it for things that are visually attractive but functionally useless. On a related note I was just talking to my girlfriend about how gold has SO many special properties… it’s a shame we can’t figure out anything better to do with it than to use it as money and jewelry. Silly humans.

Three thumbs up for you!

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