Its on! Lets get refracting, people!

20 03 2008

So, its on… Swarovski Crystal have launched a global design competition for the worlds budding designers and busy-bodies to enter – and the brief couldn’t possibly be more open.

“Come up with new products and ideas to fill the new SWAROVSKI concept store.”

Now, the bitter and twisted [underachieving] design graduate out there might be a little cynical, “They just want new concepts for free!” You may hear them splutter with unoriginality.  Of course they are… who isn’t?  I know I am, that would make life much easier.

But if you were to look beyond the blatant cry for IP free concept, this is a golden opportunity for everyone.  Crystal is, in no uncertain terms, fucking cheesy.   Take the £3,600 desktop swan for example.

Seriously Weird

That is simply horrendous – AND – expensive.  It adds nothing but clutter into the world and the saddest thing, to me, is its stark lack of potential.   Crystal, as a material, is beautiful and pure.  It carries with it the most incredible properties and makes light behave in wacky, wacky ways.  Why waste it on an extortionate paper weight?


Could someone come up with a good use for crystal?  Something that will exploit its every property and behaviour?  What if it wasn’t just crystal but it was fused with another material?  All whilst retaining its inherent beauty?  Touchy Touchy says, fuck yes.  Stop reading, start thinking!


Do something wonderful with your time, give Swarovski a new product that it really can be proud of, something new and wonderful.


For full details about the brief and deadline and how to submit, DesignBoom can, as always, hook you up and for inspiration [sort of] the Swarovski website has lots of twinkly things to see.


Good luck to you all!



OLEDs Printed Newspaper Style

14 03 2008

Thanks to the wonders of I just came across this… Well worth a gander!

General Electric has just successfully demonstrated a roll-to-roll printing (think newspaper style printing) process for OLEDs. It’s a state-of-the-art process for the production of Organic Light Emitting Diodes that’s high performance, energy efficient, and surprisingly inexpensive. The applications are endless for printing energy efficient light systems of all sizes.

Click here for the full Article at 


10 03 2008

Here at Touchy Touchy, I am always looking for new materials and new applications for those new materials.  It is a fun way to spend my time and it keeps me clear of Scrabulous on Facebook for at least an hour a day so that is splendid.

Today I stumbled across an absolute gem that made me grin from ear to ear (something design should always do).  Heli Hietala has reinvented a common place childhood tool of expression with absolute delight.

Design Boom

The humble crayon!

I would tell you more but that would prevent you from trying to translate her justification on for yourself!